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Two stranded strangers agree to travel together in order to return home, but when a slew of misadventures derail their plans, it might mean a chance to fall in love . . .

Brit Donovan wants one thing: to prove to her overbearing family that she can be independent. After breaking off her engagement to her cheating ex, she sets off on her honeymoon cruise alone to recharge before starting a new business.

Nick Callaway isn't on a pleasure trip. Armed with his brother's ashes and a list of places, he's on a mission to fulfill a dying wish. Burdened with survivor's guilt and on a countdown to get home in time to help his family's company, the only thing he wants is to get this trip over with.

When they're both stranded in Costa Rica after missing their cruise ship, Nick and Brit team up to make their way back to the US. Complete opposites, their initial frustration - heightened by the obstacles of grounded flights and delayed trains - gives way to a searing attraction, and the feeling this may be a journey that neither will want to end.

"The Perfect Summer Read."

Content warnings:

Death of a sibling (off-page)


Infidelity (off-page, not MC)

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