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Dani Petrillo’s friends are settling down faster than she can escape her latest one-night stand. After her best friend’s wedding, she decides it’s time to leave the single life behind and find true love. She joins a dating site that makes a bold promise—Eight Dates to Your Soulmate—if you can follow their dating bootcamp rules. The first one? No sleeping with any of your matches until the eight dates are over. Luckily, she’s always been good at bending the rules.


Dylan Pierce doesn’t do commitment, and if his genes are any indication, he wasn’t made for it anyway. When his friend Dani suggests a friends with benefits arrangement, it seems like a win/win. She gets her, um, needs taken care of while she looks for love, and he gets to sleep with Dani, no strings attached.


But when lines start to blur, their arrangement feels more like dating, and Dylan feels less like sharing. It might mean breaking some of his own dating rules, but he wants Dani for himself. Convincing her he’s worth it is a lot harder than being her stand-in, though. Add in keeping the entire thing a secret from their tight group of friends, and the rules of the game just got a lot more complicated.



"I knew this would become a new favorite the minute I started reading it."

- Marisa, Amazon Review

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